A Message from the Annin Family

Welcome to Annin Flagmakers.  We are a family business that has been making our country's symbol since 1847 and we are proud to be the 6th generation of the Annin family working here.  Over the years, we've learned a bit about making flags- from the creation of long lasting fabrics and inks to the dense embroidery of our rich star fields.  Our flags have flown over the White House and on foreign fields of battle. We were there at the Argonne Offensive and the Battle of Guadalcanal.  From the top of Mt. Suribachi on Iwo Jima to the surface of the moon, Annin flags have been there to represent the core ideals of our great country.

Our great-grandfather, Louis Annin Ames, guided the company from 1896 until 1952.  He took pride in leading the company that his grandfather and uncles had run since 1847. His grandchildren, Randy Beard, Lee Beard and Jack Dennis, ran Annin from the 1950's until the early 2000's.  Now it is our turn.  We strive to honor this legacy by investing in the most advanced technologies and processes to ensure that our flags remain the benchmark of the flag industry.  Most importantly, Annin Flagmakers is a dedicated team of the finest workers with a shared vision of crafting the highest quality products.

Today Annin Flagmakers embraces the best of 21st century technology.  In Annin’s two largest domestic factories, U.S. flags are manufactured with advanced stand-up sewing production techniques; state, international and custom flags are digitally printed and screen-dyed to exact color specifications; in-house research and testing laboratories, together with the art department, are constantly monitoring dye formulas.  Annin’s distribution systems are in real-time compliance with customer requirements.

The Annin network of dealers and flag distributors is the strongest in the nation.  Annin is proud
to have the most knowledgeable and dedicated team of flag specialists located in all 50 states.  Look for them in the yellow pages, on the internet and through www.annin.com.


Thank you for your patronage,

Carter Beard

Sandy Dennis Van Lieu
Sr. Vice President


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